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 sinfully good!
-- Sunday, September 12, 1999 --



10:34 p.m. Today a very odd thing happened. For the first time since I've started writing this online journal, I simply forgot -- that's right -- I just forgot to write my piece. Some days the burden is enormous. Some days it's onerous. Some days it's lighter, but never, ever has it been nonexistent. Except, I guess, for today.

Today everything seems a little off kilter. I'm racing to beat the clock and get this into the ether by midnight, and watch the Emmy Awards at the same time, so there's not going be be much time to wax too poetic or philosophical. I usually forget to watch the Emmy Awards most years, so maybe it's poetic justice.

So, I'm running back and forth between the show and this computer. One day, according to a stupid bit they just did that looked as if it were nothing more than a commercial for Exite! @ Home, someday we'll have big TVs and computers all in one. Then, you see, I could merely mute and type. Instead of running pant pant pant over here to throw the words onto the page.

I'm happy to see Calista covering her arms, and why? Why do the same people win year after year? I've always thought the Emmys were the most fixed of all the awards. Every year they give the award to the same people, usually people whose shows have gone off the air. Helen Hunt just won -- again for the 4th time; John Lithgow just won -- again for the 4th time. Sometimes people actually have to take their -- wait --

You see that! Edie Falco: yeah! But Dennis Franz? Instead of Gandolfini? I really don't think so. The fix is so much in. Boy, if you've seen one Botcho show you've seen every single scene. And how does a guy named "botch-co" even manage to get work? But the Sopranos? Tony Soprano?

I've been in lots of homes with Emmys on their shelves. I hefted a few of the pointy things. We've had a made-for-TV-movie. Sure, it was on Lifetime, but still. There's always hope.

Well, nobody's as bitter as Paul Reiser is right now. Ok. I was going to talk about what we did yesterday, what with the sin-bread and the birds and all -- it was very uplifting. I took a ton of great photos and I will regale you with them later.

But now, the show's back on and I've got to see who's wearing what. Wait -- Drama Series. If the Sopranos don't win -- it'll be a crime. Ok. They won -- no -- I heard wrong. It was the stupid Practice.

Boo. Kill women, get your show on the air. Win awards. Kill women with a lot of gore, win two years in a row. Boo. Bah. I'm thinking very bad things here -- and now David (I have two of everything) Kelley wins the comedy show, too.

I'm thinking bad things here. I'm going to have to go back to the beach tomorrow with another loaf of bread.

Tomorrow -- I'll be a better person.


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