Perforated Lines (you can't resist 'em!)

 mein nose
-- Friday, September 24, 1999 --



9:48 a.m./10:57 p.m. Again, with the best of intentions, I set out to do a wonderful piece. I want this website to be a wonderful place to visit. I would like you to feel better for stopping by. Sigh. But I'm feeling ill, yuck, icky, sick.

I will, instead, amuse you with some illustrations from an old German health book -- self, holistic, who knows? I can't read German. There was a big emphasis, from what I can see, on the powers of putting body parts into water, or shooting water into body parts.

I can empathize with these Germans of yesteryear. We all want to try to feel better. We all want cheery good health. Not all of us, however, have health insurance. Thus we enter the fun and spellbinding world of self-medication.

There's nothing that a little walk in a sitz won't cure, no?

mein feet

mein pretty feet

Or, if you don't want to walk, just sit and soak. Ah. That feels better.

Now, for some nice herbal tea, some cranberry juice, some yogurt, some oil of newt, and twelve hours of sleep, and you'll be good as new.

As for this entry, I apologize for the flatness. I have no levity. I am, however, committed to putting up a page a day to show what a page a day looks like. Sometimes it looks like this. Sometimes it looks like this.

I beg of you, if this is your first time here, please come back. I can't feel any worse than this. I hope.

As for the writing, the beauty of stringing together words for fun and pleasure, I promise never to complain again. I feel as if the beads are in there, rattling around, but I can't make a pattern worth a darn.

Ach! Mein aching kopf.

mein hopf



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