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-- Tuesday, January 4, 2000 --



1:44 a.m. As promised, I am all cheered up. Busy, too. I've got a new (old) project. The bad mood of yesterday has been swept away in the thrill of a new (old) obsession, a new ... ok. I'll quit playing around in the safe, coy world of parenthetical expression.

I'm also recycling this photo I took last summer, when the sun was bright and the days were long. I'd used it on my Tomorrow page a while back, but it seems more appropriate here today.

You see, I've lately been getting a surprising amount (for me) of email about an old book I'd done that has since, like most books, slipped out of print. In this particular case, there had been quite a few printings, and now it seems that the book is becoming harder and harder to find, even from the used book stores.

In fact, I gave away my next-to-last copy this past August when Bonnie won a little contest I had here on my web site. It's so odd to be talking about an online past, let me tell you. This summer seems like years ago. This photo seems to be from another lifetime. It must be true -- we online writers are living our life in dog time.

Speaking of we few, we happy few ... we merry band of online troubadours ... I have to point you to two of the reasons I'm all cheered up. First, you must read these two entries of Beth's, in order: first this one, and then this one. You'll be glad you did.

And then, one of my favorite people, Dee, has taken the plunge and has joined us here in our strange insanity. Bookmark Coffee Bean Goddess, go get your daily smile, and thank me later. Some people just have the knack, and Dee is one of those people.

And now, back to my new (old) project. I am going to try to make a go of my old Cheaper and Better creation, and maybe do a new one. I've got the domain, I've got the ongoing files, I've got the motivation. All I really have to do is to become reacquainted with the topic ... a simple enough task, right?

Well, let me tell you. I spent the entire day signing up for Onelist groups with "frugal" or "cheap" or "tightwad" or "money" in their titles. I joined a grand total of 98 of them. Yes, I did. Research, see what's going on -- see if I have enough insight into another book on the topic ... and also, I just couldn't resist joining a few just for fun, like "Collect Fabric," because I do.

Then there's Budget Buddies and Screaming Penny, and Scrimpy People, not to mention Diving for Dollars (about dumpster diving, I presume) and Radical Thrift. I couldn't help joining a couple of groups that promised to Sort it Out and make me a System Goddess.

I will let you know how Help Me Clean My House and I Hate Housework turn out, as well as what happens at The Shepherd's Pie (a new recipe for shepherd's pie every month!) and Shabby Chic.

I have my hope that I might learn something, unless of course it's the same hundred people in each and every one of these groups, bouncing from Frugal Life to Frugal Friends, each individual pushing her own line of MLM wonder products to the same hundred shut-in-mothers. That would be quite unpleasant.

On the other hand, you can never have enough shepherd's pie (or fabric) in your life, now can you?


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